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Trusted Door Hardware

At Johnson & Powell Doors and Hardware, LLC in Houston, Texas, we offer a wide range of commercial door hardware.

Entry Options

Select from our selection of both common and hard-to-find hinges with a variety of metals and styles to choose from. We also offer doorknobs with or without locks. Our entry options include:

• Mechanical
• Scan Entry
• Code Entry
• Human Interface Device

• Magnetic Locks

FSC & Fire Labeling

Since 2013, we have been Forrest Stewarship Council (FSC) certified providers. We have met all the regulations and codes required. We have been providing a great selection of energy-efficient “green” products as well. Our FSC product selections ensure that clients' structures are 100% LEED certified.

Wind Storm & Fire Rated Doors & Frames Provider

In line with our FSC certification, we pride ourselves in being the second leading distributor of wind storm and fire rated doors and frames. We are authorized to designate our products that are durable enough to stand against fire and storm.

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